It CAN and always will get BETTER

When I look back at some of my early work and first designs, I cringe because of how basic they were. At the time, I would be so proud of them and look at them all the time. I am happy with my standard of work now but I’m sure in 5 years time, I will probably feel the same as I did about my earlier work. The truth is , as time goes by and you develop your skill, you will get better.

A big problem I have experienced is not seeing my ideas through because I feel they could be BETTER. I fall in to a trap of overthinking and trying to change things and make them perfect. I can often get inspiration and go ahead with my idea and later convince myself out of it because part of me thinks its good but part of me thinks its bad, resulting in this inward battle. It just feels easier to put it away and do nothing about it than wrestle with that inner turmoil.

I feel so encouraged when I watch old music videos and old movies because at the time they were amazing, but now they seem pretty low budget. However, they were successful at that time and also relevant to that age. They used the tools available to them and acted on their ideas.

If you have an amazing idea to do something, start NOW. Don’t overthink it and out think yourself. Don’t wait until its perfect before doing it. Your idea CAN and always will get BETTER. If you wait for perfection, you will never get anything done.

Some people don’t enjoy their own cooking but that doesn’t mean their food is bad. It is pointless throwing out the food because you felt like it didn’t match up to yesterdays standard. Keep doing your best every day and you will be surprised how much sharing your ideas and work can help benefit others and also aid in sharpening your skill!

If you’re talented in any way, be it songwriting, painting, designing, writing , dancing, playing a sport, roll out your best today. Don’t get caught in the trap of doing nothing because you keep telling yourself IT COULD BE BETTER. You can be sure that your skills and ideas will improve over time. It is important to keep using your creativity because the more you use, the more you get. Don’t wait for perfection, see your idea through now because IT CAN AND ALWAYS WILL GET BETTER!


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