The Start Line: (Final Part)

The Start Line: (Final Part) How you start can often determine how well you finish. In today’s day and age, competition is fierce. Every second counts. Opportunities can be missed by the smallest of margins. It is vital to understand that your reaction to the gun is equally important as the race that is ahead […]

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The Start Line: Part 2

The Start Line: Part 2 A number of emotions can be felt when approaching the start line. A very normal reaction is yawning uncontrollably. You wont be tired but the yawns keep coming. The nerves kick in and you lick your lips and tap your feet on the ground and your finger tips begin to […]

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The Start Line: Part 1

The Start Line: Part 1 Making my way to the start line of a race is very exciting for me. It is the place where all your preparation stands before your opponent and you are prepared to face the challenge head on. There is no turning point from there. It can be very scary as […]

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