Say No To Success


I have been doing some running and riding lately to try and keep fit, although I have been riding quite a bit more than running of late. So today I decided to go for a run. I haven’t run in a couple of weeks and I started my run and didn’t even go 500m and my legs were on fire and I couldn’t pick up the pace to my “normal” running speed. I continued running at a slow speed trying to convince myself that it’s been a while so I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. About 1.5km in to the run I realised how much fitness I had really lost and this thought popped in to my mind “Say NO to SUCCESS”. Suddenly, I remembered how I was beating my route times and going further and faster a few months ago without struggling too much and I reached a point of SUCCESS. I was proud of my current success level and got complacent. I got home one afternoon after a tough session and felt good that it was taking me forever to burnout… hmm.. the deception of SUCCESS.. I had told myself that I was fit and I could cope with these workouts. However, the body has a very clear way of reminding you that you are not where you are supposed to be when you try to use it and it doesn’t respond the way you want it to.

SUCCESS can be very deceiving! I have seen professional sportsman, business people, musicians, artists come to grinding halt soon after they have “succeeded”. It is very tempting to stop after you succeed at something. When you finish a video game or a hard crossword, it is no longer exciting to attempt it again or even another one. Success can bring about laziness and a “why should I” kind of attitude. Why should I wake up early to run, why should I study, why should I attend that meeting, why should I when I have already succeeded? When you start asking these questions, you are not in a good place. It is not until others start overtaking you and leaving you behind that you realise that you should have continued doing these things. Here are some helpful things that may be useful to you to not let Success ruin you.


When you set a goal and achieve it, ask yourself, “whats next?” That way you will always be looking ahead and not feeling satisfied with your current achievement. Enjoy the success and victory but never stay there for too long. If your target is to run 5km and you eventually get to that distance, aim for 7km, and then 10km and then 20km.


Sometimes, we miss out on the joy of traveling because we are so concerned about getting to our destination. Long journeys in a car can be so exciting if there is laughter, music and fun conversations along the way. Make the most of the journey time and enjoy it. Its nice to get to your destination but don’t forget about the time it takes to get there. Make it fun and worthwhile. If exercise is difficult for you, find someone to do it with, or go for a run/ride somewhere where you can enjoy the scenery. Get your mind away from the dread and find something enjoyable. Don’t be so concerned about the end result, enjoy the process.


I heard someone say this at a business dinner 3 years ago and it has stuck with me ever since. When you are winning, you cant see how hard the guys are pushing behind you. The guy in 2nd place has more determination to catch the guy in first place than the guy who is leading. First place is not guaranteed to you every time you run out on to the pitch. There is always someone whose desire is growing more than yours. Keep pushing!


If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Cliche I know but very true. Planning is so important. Don’t leave things to chance or the way you feel because then you just set yourself up to fail. If we allow our moods to dictate our progression, it will always end up in excuses. Don’t be a puppet of the environment or a slave to circumstance. Develop an iron will and stick to it. Keep pushing harder. The more consistent you are, the more you will be able to overcome the Success Traps.


If you are the best at something, there is little motivation to try and improve. Find someone better than you that will motivate and inspire you to go past your limits. You will also have someone to hold you accountable when you start to slack off. You can also learn a lot from more experienced people who have traveled longer than you.

I don’t believe people always fail. I think they don’t always know how to handle success when it comes their way. I believe the road to SUCCESS is always under construction. Don’t let Success tempt you to slack off. Keep aiming higher and believing for more. Have a plan and stick to it. If something is becoming easy for you, step it up to the next level. Whether you are in school, business or trying to get fit, say NO to SUCCESS, tell it you want MORE!

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