Are you a Risk Taker?

Are you a Risk Taker?

The other day, a mouse broke in to my office and attacked my box of rusks. I found the box on the floor with most of the rusks well nibbled on. This mouse was on a mission and set its eyes on its target and took a Risk to get my Rusks. It succeeded and got away.

Risks are often associated with extreme decisions. Putting all your eggs in to one basket and gambling your money on stocks or some investment. There is usually a lot to gain or a lot to lose when the word “risk” gets used that many of us are afraid to take any risks because we have amplified the definition of the word “risk”.

A risk simply is taking a chance with the exposure to danger. We must ask ourselves , “how dangerous is the danger”. Not everything that involves danger is always life threateningly dangerous. It is risky to walk into someones yard that has dogs, but how dangerous are those dogs? They could be puppies or well trained Labradors that are very friendly.

Most people are conservative. They love to recreate what has already been done because the result is certain. Most of the decisions we make are simply because someone else has made them before and the result is predictable. Its good to choose something that you know that the result is certain, but there are choices we are faced with that don’t give a certain conclusion. These kinds of situations can be very fearful.

It is not so much the danger that cripples us with fear, but the exposure. There is no problem with singing in the shower, but get put in front of an audience and all of sudden, everything changes. We are living in a world that is conditioning us to hide. We hide behind our phones, sit quietly watching tv, minding our business quietly on the bus or train, or reading a magazine in the waiting room. We dress the same so we don’t draw attention to ourselves. We conform to societies standards merely to fit in. Exposing ourselves is more of a risk than the danger of standing out.

What makes us afraid to be seen? Why is it so hard to produce something and feel afraid to showcase it? Fear in its essence is birthed in darkness. It wants to remain in the dark place and any chance of exposing itself to light will be a catastrophe for it. Once exposed to the light, your gift is now free to reach the potential it was created for. A relative fear of risks, is the fear of making mistakes. It is only in failing, that we can truly learn. Embrace failure and use it as an opportunity to grow.

  • Do you have a gift that nobody knows about?

  • Are you afraid to expose that gift because you are worried about what people will think?

  • Have you tried and failed and was too afraid to expose yourself again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my challenge to you today is decide to do something that would normally make you feel scared and do it. If you’ve failed before, try again. Your effort this time will be better than the last one. Dare to be different. Risks don’t have to be big. Risks can start off small and be calculated. Stunt men don’t begin doing extreme stunts until they have mastered the small ones first.

It is okay to feel afraid, but don’t get upset when you see someone else succeeding at what you can do simply because you are too afraid to expose your gift. I am living proof of this happening. I have had great ideas and someone has acted on them before I did and succeeded, simply because I was to afraid to act on my ideas and expose them. (This very blog is 2 years overdue)

The creative person knows that it is only in taking risks and failing, can success be found. Take smart risks. There are many low risk and high reward kinds of risks. Look at those who have become famous through YouTube. Their video went viral and the next thing you know they are a famous. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that celebrity status is the epitome of success, but it is the result of the risk that was taken. The talent deserves to be rewarded.

Proverbs 22:29 – “Do you see a man who excels in his gift, he will stand before kings, he will not stand before unknown men”

The biggest risk in life is to risk nothing at all! Let risk taking become a part of your lifestyle. Be wise with the risks that you take. Know where you are going and don’t be afraid to try something different in order to get there. With great risks, comes great rewards!



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