How to Be a Good Customer

How to be a good customer

Most of the books I’ve read or seminars I have attended always highlight the importance of Customer Service. “THE CUSTOMER IS KING,” is an overused phrase that gets drummed in to every training sessions. Companies go through extreme measures to ensure that their staff are well trained to handle the valuable customers that walk through their doors. However, not very much gets mentioned on How to Be A Good Customer. I have encountered many people who don’t get want they want, simply because they begin with the wrong attitude and blame everything else but themselves.

Shopping/trading is a two way street. We demand good service without ourselves being worthy of the service given to us. Even the most professional customer sales consultant can look incompetent if approached by a customer who is arrogant, negative and rude.

Here are some helpful tips

  1. Know what you want. – It is very easy to get frustrated with a customer services rep because you are unable to express what it is that you are looking for. Know the size, colour, brand, model that you want before expressing their incompetence.
  2. Be polite – As much as you are there to be served, offer a smile and look the person in the eye. You are more likely to get better service if you are approachable.
  3. Be clear – Don’t ramble about your whole life story just to say that you want 3 bolts and a screwdriver. Get straight to the point so that you do not confuse yourself or the other person.
  4. Don’t assume – Making assumptions is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you have asked all the necessary questions and got all the information you need and have understood when your order will be ready. Call ahead before making a trip to ensure that all is order. Don’t assume that they have acted on your request because you see two blue ticks on whatsapp. A call will give you an instantaneous answer and prevent any inconvenience.
  5. Compliment – If you compliment the agent on how well they are doing, they will make an extra effort to serve you better and get your order done quickly and efficiently.
  6. Make them laugh – Strike up a conversation about something unrelated to what you are doing and try make the person laugh. Putting the person at ease, will reduce the chances of them messing up.
  7. Be Attentive – Look for their name badge or ask for their name. By calling a person by their name, you make them feel valued and they will improve their service for you, because you are making them feel as if you already have a relationship with them.
  8. Understand that things go wrong – No one is perfect. Before getting upset, try to patiently approach the situation and give the company time to solve the problem before going on a rant and taking your business elsewhere. A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. Be honest about your complaint but resolve it in a calm and peaceful manner.
  9. Don’t be rude – What you may not realise, is that the person serving you, could be your customer tomorrow. They are more likely to want to buy from you because you were good to them. Don’t sigh and groan when you are waiting to be served. When you are being served, others also have to wait. You are indirectly selling yourself and whatever you represent when you are being served.
  10. Thank you – Don’t underestimate the power of saying THANK YOU! We live in a very ungrateful world and don’t receive deserved appreciation or gratitude. Even if the service wasn’t the greatest, always remember to say Thank you!

Becoming a better customer does have many benefits. I got chatting with a guy from HP and learnt that he was also a Manchester United fan so we had a good chat about the recent transfers and at the end of it, my order was quickly arranged, I enjoyed my experience there and also made a friend. When you treat someone well, they automatically don’t want to let you down. They will also reveal to you specials that are on offer. They may even notify you of give aways or insist on delivering to you. When you cause the person to feel good about themselves, they will treat you well and go the extra mile for you. Be teachable and allow yourself the opportunity to glean from their knowledge and experience. You may be surprised how far a bit of humility can take you.

RESPECT the other person and they will RESPECT you. Even though its his job to serve you, its not his job to respect you. Be kind, patient and understanding and see your shopping experience be transformed.

Be the kind of customer you would like to serve!


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