The Last sip of milkshake

When my daughter and son were born, one of the bits of advice people would give was “Enjoy them, they grow up so fast”. In the moment, you hear the advice but its not so relevant because its only the beginning. As time goes on and you pass certain milestones, do you then realise that time is moving so fast and the advice given is becoming a reality.

When you order a milkshake, there is a decent amount in the glass at the beginning and you can take a few sips without thinking its going to run out, but when you get halfway, you try and time the amount of sips until you get to the end. When you eventually reach the bottom, that dreaded sound appears like that suction thing they put in your mouth at the dentist. You try and tilt the glass and suck the remaining precious drops of sweetness you possibly can hoover. Its a shame when you’ve done all you can and nothing is coming up the straw. That’s when reality hits and you realise that you have finished the last sip of milkshake.

My kids are still small, but as every day passes, I see growth in them and the advancements they make sound the echo of the advice once given to us – “Enjoy them, they grow up so fast”.

As a dad, one of the “Milkshakes” I give my kids is acting silly. They love it when I make up silly games or play the fool. They don’t get enough of it. Even when I’m tired and want to stop, they still try and suck more out of me, “one more daddy, pleeeeeease.” But I know this will run out one day and the games that they enjoy now will not be enjoyed in a couple of years. As the stages change, so will their interests. That’s not to say that I will never be able to entertain them as they get older, it means that I will not be able to enjoy that “2yr old milkshake game” any more because the season will have passed.

The last sip of a milkshake is usually the best and most savoured sip. I dont like sharing it! If my wife wants a taste of my milkshake, she can have at the beginning, not at the end, but only a little…hahaha. Sharing is next to wasting. It is sinful to spill your milkshake, in fact I cant think of anything more sinister! Well, maybe life does go on if you spill your milkshake but you don’t get the full satisfaction as if you drank the whole thing without spilling or sharing.

As parents, do we waste the time we spend with our kids? Do we share them with our mobile phones or the TV? Does our busy lifestyle rob us from spending quality time with them?

Milkshakes cant be saved. If you do not drink it today, by tomorrow it will go off. Games that your kids like now, will not be enjoyed in a few years down the line. The cute baby things they say now will be a deep gruff voice asking you to buy them shaving cream later on…. “Enjoy them!”

Ephesians 5:16 says “Make the most of your days!” Don’t allow meaningless distractions to rob you.

Be sure to get through each stage having enjoyed the Last sip of milkshake.


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