Approaching the Green – Part 1

Approaching the green – Part 1

I often say that Leadership by example is my favourite thing. I admire leaders who inspire by their actions. They get on and do what needs to be done and others willingly follow their example.  Although, leadership by example is great, the way we APPROACH people is an extremely important leadership principle we can not ignore…

When I started playing golf, I used to enjoy going to the driving range and seeing how far I could hit the ball. The 1 Wood is my favourite club. Connecting the ball on the sweet spot of the club and watching it fly in a solid straight line is a pleasurable site for any golfer. The after pose is held until the ball is out of sight (or until the people around you stop looking). I would practice with that one club for hours until I got good at hitting the ball long and straight. The problem is that I only practiced with that club but there are other clubs in the bag that you also have to use. When I got on to the golf course, my scores wouldn’t be very good because I would hit a good drive and then fail to use the other clubs well to get the ball in to the hole.

  • The golfers’ job is to know what club to use depending on the distance and other factors such as wind, hazards or any obstacles and get good at using the different clubs for the different scenarios.
  •  The leaders job is to know what APPROACH to use depending on the circumstance.. If you choose the right approach and execute it well, you will end up very close to the target.
Proverbs 25:11 “A Word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver”.. A word fitly spoken is like that sweet shot that was connected perfectly and goes the right distance and direction that you wanted it to go.

Choosing your APPROACH is very critical in leading well. The kind approach can not be used for every situation and neither can the harsh approach. Finding the FITTING approach is what the leader needs to quickly consider and execute. It may not always be comfortable, but it is necessary if you want to see good results.

Great leaders have a way of approaching people that keeps them going in the desired direction. People generally respond well to encouragement and gentle promptings. On the other hand, assertive, harsh tough love is also necessary. Using the kind approach too much can lead to people taking advantage and becoming slack. Using the harsh “no playing games” approach can cause resentment and demotivation. Choosing the right time to use your method of APPROACH will lead to success.

What clubs are you neglecting to use in your bag? Are you using the same club for every shot?

In golf, it is fitting to ask your caddie what club he suggests because he is familiar with the course and the different distances and obstacles of every hole. In life, you can look for advice from other leaders or more experienced people who have walked the road before you.

If your method of APPROACH is too strong or too weak, consider what club you are using and begin spending time refining those areas.





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