Fear Factor

The game show Fear Factor was one of my favourites for many reasons. It had nail-biting stuff like dunking your head in water for apples with snakes swimming around you or really gross things like eating cows brains. It was a fantastic concept and the anticipation of what was next was always exciting. All the challenges test your willingness to go past your fear in order to get to the next round and then win the grand prize at the end.

The game show would never take a chance of putting your life at risk for the obvious chance that they would get sued if anything fatal was to happen, so they organise their games in the safest way possible to bring forth the element of FEAR knowing that nothing dangerous could happen.

On our SUCCESS journey, there is always a FOLLOWER known as FEAR that tries to intimidate you without actually doing anything to harm you. Fear always trying to discourage you from reaching your destination with deceptive lies like.. You have not prepared enough, you don’t have the qualifications, you’ve never done this before, you cant speak in public, others are better than you and so on..

There is no successful person that did not have to overcome fear in order to reach their goal. If success was put in to a maths equation it would look something like this..

Desire + Action + Determination  = SUCCESS



If you want to succeed at anything, you must understand that FEAR is always going to be present. Embrace the idea that fear is not going anywhere then plan from there to beat it.

Here are some things you could do to overcome fear.

  1. LOOK FOR IT: Don’t wait for FEAR to find you. Go find it. Thats right, think of the things that make you shudder and go and do them. Whatever you have been putting off doing because you might expose yourself or come out of your comfort zone, go and do it.
  2. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Fear is not going anywhere, you can not change it, but you can change yourself. Convince yourself that you are the victor and no matter how scary it might be, you have what it takes to stare fear in the eye and overcome it.
  3. IT CANT HARM YOU: Most of the things we fear can not really harm us. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. Threats about futuristic things happening should be cast aside immediately.
  4. KEEP FACING IT: When you keep going past the same roadblock, it gets easier and easier. The policemen eventually recognize you and don’t bother stopping you because you have all the credentials.
  5. SOLUTIONS NOT EXCUSES: Always try to find solutions, not excuses. An excuse leads to a delay. and the longer you are next to your FEAR, the higher the chances of getting intimidated are. The longer you look at the problem without doing anything, the scarier it becomes. Find a way no matter what.
  6. MAKE MISTAKES: One of the greatest lies that FEAR tells us it that we cant make mistakes. To live a Creative (Successful) life, we must lose the fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are there to guide us. If you make a mistake, its easy to learn from it. Accept that you will never be flawless but rather commit to improving and learning from the errors you make.

For God has not given us a spirit of Fear, but gives us Power, Love and Self Discipline (2 Timothy 1:7). Keep believing what the word of God says about you. You are more than a conqueror!



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