Day 14 – Proverbs 14

Day 14 – Proverbs 14

“Where no oxen are the troughs are clean, but much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” Proverbs 14:4

People generally stick to “the way its always been”. That way doesn’t challenge us and probably doesn’t bear much fruit either. We are scared to take risks and invest in a better way because we don’t want to upset the clean trough (safe method.)

Change is a scary thing. The thought of introducing a new method may seem like its going to mess things up but it may just make things better. It is very important to shake things up from time to time so that we don’t become complacent.

When we let go of our fears and insecurities, we must step out in faith towards greater possibilities. CHANGE is the STRENGTH OF THE OX that we need in order to INCREASE.

Some people believe they can reach greatness without it costing them anything. This is untrue. Much increase comes from investing time, money, study, planning, experimentation. You can not avoid the cost and cut corners. King David, Solomon’s father said I want to pay you what they’re worth – the full price. I can’t just take something from you and then offer the Lord a sacrifice that cost me nothing.”1 Chronicles 21:24.

Investing in our marriages, careers, studies, and children is going to come at a cost. Successful relationships and careers are not trouble-free, they come with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. We must change our thinking and expect to get dirty along the way. It is evidence that we are on the path of INCREASE and not playing it safe and keeping the troughs clean.

Lets pray…

Father, it is so easy to get complacent and play it safe. We have become afraid of change and getting our hands dirty in the process. Break that mindset of  “its always been this way” and show us a different way which may cost more but leads to greater success. Teach us to apply change to our marriages, careers, studies and raising our children. Continue to pour out your wisdom over us as we seek You and watch daily at your gates.

In Jesus name…



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