Day 19 – Proverbs 19

Day 19 – Proverbs 19

“Luxury is not fitting for a fool, much less for a servant to rule over princes” Proverbs 19:10

You cannot give a thriving company to a foolish man who has no knowledge of business and expect him to succeed. He will selfishly enjoy the benefits of the company and soon run it in to the ground. “Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, But afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel” Proverbs 20:17  

I watched a tv show about some celebrity who had a thing for buying shoes. Because he was “so rich”, he never wore the same pair of shoe twice. He literally had hundreds of shoes and they were all different. In the interview at his mansion, he was going through his shoe closet and boasting about all his different shoes. He said that he really liked a particular pair of Nike trainers and he would wear them more than once, so he bought two pairs.

There are many foolish people with money. They do not handle their wealth well and it destroys their character. It gives them a false sense of entitlement and they do as they please without much consideration about their awful behaviour.

There is a reminder here about not allowing ill-equipped people to lead. It is unwise for a “servant to rule over princes”. A man who has only worked at the bottom end of an organisation is not equipped to manage more senior people than himself .

Wise businessmen who want their children to take over their companies let them start at the bottom and work their way up so they understand every level of the business. They believe that they should not be given the chance to lead, if they haven’t had the chance to serve.

Lets pray…

Father, Your word teaches that luxury is not fitting for a fool. Help us to go through all the necessary stages in order to gain knowledge and understanding before being elevated. Give us hearts that are prepared to serve a greater cause than merely attaining material wealth and luxury. 

In Jesus name…






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