Day 25 – Proverbs 25

Day 25 – Proverbs 25

“Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a bad tooth and a foot out of joint” Proverbs 25:19

The warnings in Proverbs are quite hilarious. What a way to describe an unreliable person. Hahaha!! I can just imagine someone getting told off by an old granny “Your service is pathetic, dealing with you is like having a toothache and a sprained ankle!”  (and then hobbles off with her walking stick mumbling her discontentment.) Lol!!

People will always let us down but some people have a reputation for being extremely UNRELIABLE. They are always late and full of excuses. They never keep their promises and build your hopes up and then disappoint you. When you call them, they are usually “around the corner” or “10 minutes away” and you can guarantee that none of that is true. We must be weary of such people and not place any confidence in them.  In the event that something important needs to get done, you don’t wan’t to end up with a “bad tooth or twisted ankle”.

Whenever anyone lets us down, its important to check ourselves and make sure that we are not letting other people down. Before we get upset that ‘so and so’ is unreliable and go on a rant about their incompetence, we must consider the times when we too have not been perfect. The unreliable guy may justifiably be wrong, but we must consider if we too are disappointing anyone, and if so, take corrective measures to fix it.

The “unfaithful man” can refer to anyone who has provided a substandard service. We can get horribly disappointed when we try to save money and go to the ‘CHEAPER’ guy who is unprofessional, rather than going to the ‘EXPENSIVE’ guy who gets the job done properly. I walked in to a cell phone shop to buy a “cheaper” charger for my iPhone and when we tested the charger, the phone switched off and never switched on again. I didn’t have a problem with my phone before this and just needed a charger. The company kept my phone for weeks trying to repair it and they weren’t prepared to replace it. In the end, I gave up because of their lies and the unprofessional way I was being treated. Sometimes ‘SAVING’  (putting confidence in an unfaithful man) actually costs you more.

Lets pray…

Father, thank you for giving us wisdom regarding dealing with unreliable people. Give us a discerning heart when choosing who to deal with and allow us to see the warning signs of an “unfaithful man” before it gets too late. When people let us down, help us to consider the times when we have also been unreliable and help us to improve where we have fallen short. Help us to use wisdom in making the right decisions. At times, we feel we are saving money by going cheaper but actually we are spending more because we get inferior service and poor quality. Thank you for building us up in Your Wisdom.

In Jesus name…





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