Day 27 – Proverbs 27

Day 27 – Proverbs 27

“As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend” Proverbs 27:17

It confuses me why people enjoy gaining at the expense of another person. They prefer a Win-Lose situation over a Win-Win. This kind of attitude is extremely selfish and short sighted. If both parties gain, then both will grow and prosper.

Partnerships are very important. They must be mutually beneficial with the intention of supporting each other and helping each other succeed. A husband and wife partnership does well when they serve each others needs. A husbands greatest need is HONOUR and RESPECT and a wife’s greatest need is SECURITY. If a husband makes his wife feel secure and the wife respects her husband, it is like IRON SHARPENING IRON.

Sharpening can only occur when both parties decide they want the other to succeed. This comes from a selfless attitude to SERVE. We can be selfish and want all our needs met but the only way to get that is to serve the need of our spouse. If you serve theirs and they serve yours, then its done, WIN-WIN. Great misery comes if only one person is making an effort to serve and not both. IRON MUST SHARPEN IRON. It is important to allow God to search our hearts of selfishness and remove any selfish ambition. “Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself” Phillipians 2:3

To get a sword sharp, it requires constant clashing of metals. When both people are committed to sharpening one another, it may get hard but the commitment to the differences will only make you better. Men and women are very different and God has wired us that way. It may be hard for a wife to understand why her husband loves fishing so much and it may be hard for a husband to understand why his wife always wants to get her hair and nails done. Learning to accept the differences between men and women will help couples succeed. The clashes of differences were created that way so that IRON CAN SHARPEN IRON.

Lets pray…

Heavenly Father,  thank you for good friendships and partnerships. We do well by strengthening one another by means of serving each others needs.  Give us selfless hearts that desire to see people SUCCEED.  As we study your Word, you are sharpening us and strengthening us in different areas of our lives and giving us Wisdom for righteous living. We are thankful for all that you are revealing to us through Your Word. Help us to understand the differences between husbands and wives and to celebrate them and not oppose them.  Teach us to LOVE and SERVE each other unconditionally.

In Jesus name…





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