Day 28 – Proverbs 28

Day 28 – Proverbs 28

“He who gives to the poor will not lack, but he who hides his eye will have many curses.” Proverbs 28:27

Being poor doesn’t necessarily mean having no money or living on the streets. Someone who is poor has got a lack in a particular area. It could be a lack of love, education, work experience, or good health.

Teachers, leaders, instructors or anyone in the field of educating people play a major role in ENRICHING peoples lives. They selflessly GIVE of themselves so that their students will PROSPER. An educators life is very rewarding but is seldom appreciated. There are many teachers who have impacted greatly on their students lives and they don’t even know it. Years can go by without the teacher getting any feedback from their students about the positive impact that was made on them.

It can be very discouraging for an educator not to receive any feedback about all the effort they made to enrich their students lives that they can question if its really worth it. If no one notices the hard work or sacrifice, it can be easy to slip under the radar and HIDE what you have to GIVE.  The challenge is to keep giving your BEST even if you feel unappreciated “Do good and lend [give] hoping for nothing in return, and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil.” Luke 6:35. 

Future generations will be impoverished [cursed] if teachers stop giving. Their role may not offer instant benefits but teachers will never LACK knowing that they have invested wisely in positively shaping someones destiny.

Lets pray…

Father, thank you for teachers and the many sacrifices they have made to enrich our lives. Bless them indeed and cause them not to grow weary in doing good. Help us to be generous with our resources. Be it spending time with people, giving to the needy or teaching people. Most of the time it can feel as if we are not gaining by GIVING, but your Word assures us that we will not lack when we give. Help us not to hide our eyes from the needs we see around us and to be cheerful in our giving. Teach us to give without expecting back. People may forget our efforts but You God are not unjust, You will not forget our work and the love we have shown as we have helped Your people and continue to help them. (Hebrew 6:10)

In Jesus name…






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