Competing against yourself pt 2

I remember measuring my run up and looking at the bar at the Athletics High Jump in grade 4. Almost everyone cleared the first round except for the fat boys who bent the bar (hahahaha!). In those days (1992) the high jump pole was metal so the teacher had to try and bend it the opposite direction to straighten it so the competition could continue.  As the bar got raised, more and more contestants dropped out. Eventually there were two of us left..

This was my first time consciously considering my competition. He happened to jump first and cleared the bar and the pressure got switched on to me. I started telling myself, if he can do it, so can I. I ran up towards the bar and jumped and cleared it. The teachers raised the bar again and the other boy was up first. I watched him run up and knock the bar down. I felt relieved because I knew he had reached his limit. However it was not over until I cleared it. With my heart pounding, I took my run up and cleared the bar. As I landed on the mat, I heard cheers and hand claps from those who were watching the event.

My opponent had two more attempts and dropped them on both tries. I was the last jumper which meant that I had won the trophy and now had the opportunity to go for the record. They raised the bar higher until I couldn’t go any higher and dropped the bar 3 consecutive times. I didn’t break the record but got an opportunity to attempt it.

#Lesson 1 – Believe in yourself

If others can do it, it gives you the confidence to believe you can.

I can’t even begin to list the number of people that have inspired me throughout my life. When I see them reaching higher and going after their dreams, it makes me believe I can also do the same. In the game of life, I am not competing against them but they are showing me that it is possible to go higher.

#Lesson 2 – Challenge yourself

We should learn to challenge ourselves.

Once the other boys had stopped jumping and I was the last one, I had to believe that I could go higher and attempt to do so. Our personal records can be broken if we dare to challenge ourselves.

#Lesson 3 – Have faith

We must have faith.

As the bar goes higher, we have to dig deeper. We need to believe that we have that extra bit of grit to go beyond our previous limits. We must be led by faith in uncharted territory and believe that we can achieve anything if we first believe. Jesus said, “If you can, all things are possible to him who believes!” Mark 9:23

Lets pray…

Heavenly Father, thank You that all things are possible to him who believes. Thank you for the people around us that inspire us to be better, the best that we can be. Give us courage to challenge ourselves to go further, to try harder, to dare. Continue to mould us in to the Your image and cause us to maximise our potential.

In Jesus name…


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