Do you need a bigger bike?

I often get a glimpse of how God sees me as His son when I look at my children. When they don’t listen, I ask God if this is how I have been with Him and He reveals to me ways I also haven’t listened. The same goes for when I look at my kids with love. If I love them so much, how much greater is God’s love toward me as His kid.

I was riding bikes with my kids up and down the drive way and my daughter has become really confident on her bike and enjoys riding it. My son has just started riding with stabilizers and is enjoying his new bike too. However, my daughter has had her bike for over a year and when I looked at her the other day, I realized that she has outgrown it.

She loves riding and rides her bike often and because of that I want to get her a bigger bike that she will enjoy more. When God sees that we have outgrown the place we are in and are using the gift He has given us and we are faithful with it, He will want to give us more. “If you are faithful with little things , you will be faithful with large ones.” Luke 16:10

My daughter was content riding her bike but as her father I could see she has outgrown it and want her to move to the next level. However if she hardly rode her bike, I would not even consider getting her another bike because I know she wouldn’t use it.

We often limit Gods blessing because we sit on our talents and do nothing with them. We hardly use our gifts and keep expecting God to bless us with more yet we do very little with what He has already given us. He delights in his children using their gifts and can’t wait for us to get to the next level but it needs us to USE what He has given us and to be CONTENT.

Each of you should USE whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4:10

“I have learned that in whatever state I am in to be CONTENT” Phillipians 4:11

When you are faithful in using what you have been given, God will enlarge your capacity. He will give you a bigger “bike” to continue what you love. When you use that bike to the fullest, He will upgrade that one too. He is a wise Father who knows just what His children need.

There are a few new things I am trusting God for but in the meanwhile, I will remain CONTENT and continue USING what I have because my Father knows when I need a BIGGER BIKE!

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