Winter Warmer Blanket Drive

Over the last few weeks we have been collecting blankets as part of the Winter Warmer Blanket Drive which is an initiative that was started by Violette Sohaili Kee-tui that we have partnered with. Violette has such a huge heart for helping the less privileged people in our community and her commitment to charitable work […]

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What Makes a Leader Better?

What makes a leader better? Leadership roles can be both rewarding and frustrating. I am sure that most people in leadership roles find themselves thinking about how they could lead better or lead differently. The other night I was thinking and tweeted one of my “Leadership Thoughts” which said, “Good leadership also requires compliance from […]

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Pursue Your Dream

Pursue your dreams with passion! Your dream is not going to come to you, you’ve got to go to it! The lion who just sat around expecting the zebra to present itself for dinner will always complain that he is hungry and the conditions aren’t right for him! See yourself through the fiery eyes of […]

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