Saving Goliath!

Whenever a coach is selecting a team, his worry is usually the last player he puts in to the squad and never the first. The first selection is usually the best player who he can count on and not have to worry about. Not much thought is given to him, because he can handle himself. We’ve probably all heard the story of David and Goliath. Where David, an ordinary shepherd boy stands before Goliath, an armoured giant and champion soldier of the Philistine army and kills him using a sling and a stone.

Goliath has always been viewed as a “baddie” and he was, but he was also a professional well-trained soldier, who possessed a tremendous amount of skill and discipline. He was referred to as a “champion” of the Philistine army. He was the Philistines number one guy and it was a no-brainer that he would represent the Philistines in this battle. I want to share a different insight to Goliath and this story. (1 Samuel 17)

Most organizations always expect their leaders to be strong and no-one ever expects small things to cripple great leaders.. but they do! That is why its important to “SAVE GOLIATH!”

Goliath is the image of STRONG LEADERSHIP. He is strong, competent and confident. What could possibly stand in his way? A little boy? No way! He is the ultimate leader! Even he Goliath did not expect a small thing to conquer him. But it did!

Leaders need to be very wary of small obstacles. Don’t look at small things and think that you are too big for them to affect you. Be aware that a small boy who looked after sheep took out the best Philistine soldier with one shot! Be vigilant because the devil is as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8 

Goliaths men were also to blame. Where were the watchmen when David stood before Goliath? Surely one of them would have thought, “Wait a minute, how can a boy with a sling have the courage to stand before seasoned soldiers without armour or serious weapons – what does he know that we don’t?”.

When David released the stone, it was too late!

Too often, the people in organizations never see the need to be on the lookout to protect their leaders until its too late. Good leaders fail or quit because of the build up of little things. The members of the organisation always expect them to be strong and for little things not to affect them. The truth is that on that day, Goliath needed his soldier’s protection. Everyone had dropped their guard and yet if they had recognized the threat, they could have done something and not taken it for granted that Goliath was capable.

When that stone hit, it was too late! They lost their leader! The person who inspired them to work hard, to believe in themselves, to reach their potential, to rise up against all odds! He was gone!

My challenge to you is to PROTECT YOUR LEADER. Your boss, your teacher, your coach, your parent, your pastor. Sometimes all Leaders need is to feel appreciated. Make it a point to thank them for their tireless efforts. Include them in your prayers. Take it a step further and go and pray with them and pray Gods protection over them because of all the battles they go through for you that you don’t see. Encourage them and reassure them that you are on their side. Begin to see the things that oppose them and do what you can to defend and uplift them. They NEED your support just as much as you NEED theirs!

Your leader might be big and strong like Goliath, but if no-one stands up to protect him/her, they will succumb to the defeat of something small and insignificant. Don’t let that happen! Every leader needs encouragement! Share this post with others so we can help cover and intentionally protect and uplift our leaders.

Lets pray…

Heavenly father, thank you for the many people around us who are strong. Let that be the indication to us that they NEED our prayers and protection. Thank you for their strength and thank you for all that they do to make our lives better. Father we pray that you would help us to realize that our leaders need us as much as we need them. We often fall in to the mindset of thinking that they don’t need help because they are capable but in actual fact, they really do. Protect them from the trials they go through and where they are weak, make them strong. Open our eyes to see the challenges they go through and help us to play our part in encouraging and PROTECTING OUR STRONG LEADERS!

In Jesus name…


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