Leadership through involvement

Over the last couple of days, I have been thinking about maximising time spent with the people we lead. Leaders are often very busy people and one of the biggest cries leaders have is not having enough time. With all the demands of life, time is a valuable commodity that needs to be carefully managed. But how is it possible to live a busy life and still invest in upcoming leaders?


Involve them in your life.

The best way you could possibly create time to invest in those around you is to involve them in your day to day tasks instead of trying to create special and separate times for them. If you are planning an event and you have to go to several different places to arrange things, don’t go alone. Take someone with you so they can see how things get done. There might not be a lot of explaining that gets done but a lot can be drawn from the experience.

  1. The developing leader will be exposed to a new experience.
  2. The developing leader will learn what is required for next time.
  3. The developing leader will see how you handle the situation.
  4. The developing leader will learn about the different processes in the supply chain.
  5. The developing leader will feel a part of it.
  6. It’s also cool to move with the boss/leader of group.


Connect with people.

I have seen many leaders become disconnected from their people. This is due to the deceitfulness of being ‘busy’. I am guilty of this. I sometimes get so consumed in planning and going ahead that I forget that we are all supposed to be moving forward together. Touching base with people and reconnecting is a habit that needs to be intentionally formed.

  1. Spend a few minutes every day at least talking to someone about what they are currently doing. Be attentive and add your input.
  2. Acknowledge their effort and applaud their achievements.
  3. Think about ways of getting them involved during busy periods that keeps them connected to you.


Win together.

After participating together and going through the whole process together, the achievement gets shared. This helps the developing leader to experience the victory and understand the effort involved that was required to succeed. The developing leader will also feel his/her contribution was needed in order to win and will understand why it’s important to do certain things that the Leader believes are important.

  1. Celebrate the win together. Give a pat on the back and acknowledge that you won together. Be generous with your praise. They will look forward to being involved again.
  2. After successfully completing the task together, ask the developing leader for ways that they think the process could have been done better or more efficiently.


There are many opportunities WITHIN our busy days to INCLUDE others in so they can learn and GROW. Take advantage of times when you need to do something and others can benefit simply by tagging along.  By staying involved, the developing leaders will be competent to be left on their own and pursue the culture of involving others in their day to day tasks.

Great Leaders make it a habit to INVOLVE those around them in what they are doing. INVOLVEMENT leads to GROWTH.

What ways can you accommodate those you lead to develop their leadership through INVOLVEMENT?





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