What’s your kryptonite?

It would be so awesome if we could go through every day and have strength like a Superhero and conquer every situation we go through with ease, but unfortunately there are things that drain our energy no matter how hard we try to not let them affect us.

We all have those days when we wake up and feel unstoppable, right? And then suddenly, like a mighty rushing wind, something knocks us in the chin and we land flat on our face and can’t get up.

What happened to that mighty power that we were parading around in? We become weakened like Superman in the presence of Kryptonite. What weakens you? What’s your KRYPTONITE?

What must we do when we feel like our life source is being drained from our very essence?


It is very important to know what drains your energy before you can do anything about it. Know what causes you to lose strength. Jot down all the things that bring dread in to your life. It may be a difficult person, difficult customers, policemen, tax officials, the way someone chews or swallows, whatever the case may be, write it down so that you know what triggers your annoyance and then this will give you the option to IDENTIFY it when it happens so you can respond effectively.

Running away is not the answer. It is important to realise that things will always come to test us and the sooner we can identify the battle, the sooner we can bring up our weapons and respond to the attack. It is not unusual for us to go through trials. When those trials come, recognise what they are so you can switch into an ANTI-KRYPTONITE mode and bring out your extra shields to protect you and help you get through that. The more you get in to the habit of identifying your Kryptonite, the better you will be at responding to it when it comes.

Your attitude will also change. Instead of feeling crippled,  begin to fight back and say “I see you are here and even though this may be tough, YOU WILL NOT DEFEAT ME AND I WILL STAND HERE UNTIL I WIN!


Some people don’t eat onions or mushrooms and that’s okay. If you know that, don’t serve them onions or mushrooms. Realise that you are giving them something that they don’t eat. If you know you do something that causes someone to stumble, refrain from doing that around a particular person. If you have a habit of doing something that drains someone’s energy, DON’T DO IT.

Try to learn that not all your actions are acceptable around people. As much as we must be ourselves, we must also realise that some of the things we do affect those around us. If we want to help others succeed, be aware that some of the things you do could be their KRYPTONITE.

It may be asking something at a wrong time. The “asking” might not be the problem, but the “time” you ask could be the problem. Try to learn what exactly sets the other person off and learn how to approach those situations to prevent you from draining someone’s energy. It is important to communicate to those close to you about things that may affect one another. Point out the issues in love and begin working together to understand each others differences so you can build one another up.

Learn what your Kryptonite is and then decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to overcome it. The more you do this, the less the Kryptonite will affect you. If your energy really gets drained, learn how to get re-charged. The faster you can regain your Superhero strength, the better. You may need a few quiet minutes to yourself after a tough meeting. You may need to listen to a song that motivates you or visit a friend that uplifts you. A time of prayer by yourself or with a prayer partner could be what you need. If you can identify what drains your strength, you should also try and identify what GIVES you Strength and do that to recover.






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