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Hi, I am Anton Bhana from the beautiful city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

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I am a young entrepreneur and have a passion for Creativity and I love helping people get empowered to live a more “creative life”

I think I’ve always been creative. As a child, I enjoyed art, music, sports and was exposed to many fun things growing up which has helped my creativity to become second nature.

IMG_2344In 2006, I started a Graphic Design and Printing company called Creative Centre which is now in its 10th year.I have explored many avenues of the Creative Arts world such as Photography, Graphic Design, Videography, Printing and Signage. In 2012 I won the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Business Award which was a very exciting achievement for me.

I am married to the girl of my dreams, Linnissa, and we have two kids. This is what makes life so meaningful to me. I love being a husband and a dad and I enjoy sharing tips with other couples to add joy and creativity to their relationships.

I love sport. Sport is one of Gods greatest creations. I have played nearly all the sports you can think of and believe that the lessons that sport teach are so vital in ones overall character development. I played rugby for Zimbabwe U21 and later coached junior rugby at my old high school for 2 years. I am a motivational and inspirational junkie. I love the feeling of getting inspired and in turn, inspiring others. I do what I can to help people to believe in themselves and unlock the incredible potential that they have.

I invent – I write – I encourage – I learn – I teach